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Vintage Fishing Tackle For The Soul


Andrews of Arcadia sells Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul. It exists for the renaissance angler, tackle enthusiast, stylist, purist and idealist. In Arcadia I celebrate and sell great angling brands and curios from the Georgian era through to the Mid 20th Century. From Hardy Brothers of Alnwick and Pall Mall and Farlows of Haymarket to Efgeeco of Balham and Lesneys of Hackney, from Abu of Sweden to Allcocks of Redditch. Everything is worshipped from the typeface on old cellophane hook packets to 1930's celluloid fly and bait boxes, from wooden Nottinghams to mass produced alloy centrepins, from electronica to labelled floats, from bait mounts and old game bags to gaffs and game old bags. The stock changes regularly and of course, like all good dealers, orders may be placed. I am out sourcing gear six days a week and on the seventh I may even go fishing. Except in the closed season when instead of fishing I hang around my lock-up garage, look through old cardboard boxes, tinker about and make tea.

I have spent the last eight years buying and selling vintage fishing tackle to the great British public and the world beyond. My dealing is fuelled by a passion for the history of angling. I have written on angling history for publications such as The Field and Southern Angler, Waterlog and Classic Angling. I write currently for the website Caught by the River where I also correspond with the novelist Dexter Petley in 'Letters From Arcadia'. Dealing and writing have both introduced me to the antique angling community and for the last five years I have organized the largest fair dedicated to Vintage Fishing Tackle 'The National' or 'Redditch' which takes place bi-annually in the Midlands town of Redditch, once the world's fishing tackle manufacturing capital.

You can visit Arcadia in person every Thursday, in the form of my stall at Spitalfields Antiques Market in the City of London. There are some directions under 'Personal Callers'. In the meantime you are invited to peruse at your leisure the four rooms that make up the stock for sale on my website by clicking on 'In the Shop Window', 'Just in, Sir', 'Under the Counter, Madam', and 'Old Friends'. On the menu you will also find a 'News and Events' page, an 'Archive', and my 'Blog' which chronicles the daily adventures in the life of a dealer/writer as well as providing an extensive and constantly updated list of links to other sites of interest. If you would like to receive my weekly e mail update please join my mailing list at 'Leave Your Card'.

If you would like to buy something from me please e mail me at or call me on field telephone 07980 274 383 and we can arrange payment and delivery/collection. Alternatively, you can buy something using the Buy Now button and provided no one else has got there first I will take the item down and arrange immediate dispatch.

Finally, may I leave you to reflect upon the words of the Peeks of Holborn Fishing Tackle Catalogue of 1934:

'We suggest to all our readers that this season they should only kill fish which fulfil the following purposes:

  1. Specimens to be set up.
  2. For use as baits.
  3. For human food.
  4. Freaks which we shall always be most pleased to see.'

At Andrews of Arcadia we are also always pleased to see the freaks. So, don't be shy.

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